Backed by Région Normandie and the Municipalité de Deauville, Association des Acteurs de l’Industrie du Rétrofit électrique (AIRe) is organising the first National Retrofit Meeting at Resort Barrière de Deauville, France, in October 2021 (dates to be confirmed).

The event aims to boost awareness of electric conversion (retrofitting) as a sustainable mobility solution and promising economic sector in the energy transition.

The day will showcase electric and hydrogen retrofit solutions for two- and three-wheelers, private vehicles, vans, trucks, and buses, as well as barges and boats.

Experts, project leads, companies, start-ups, local authorities, politicians, students, the general public …. Everyone and every entity with an interest in the fields of sustainable mobility, energy and the environment will be there.

👉 Come and meet CARWATT and discover the world of retroftting.

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