✍🏽 July 2021: CARWATT is delighted to now count as a member of the French Association for Electric Boats (AFBE, Association Française pour le Bateau Électrique). Founded in 1994, AFBE’s main aim is to drive the design, production, and use of electric boats. Furthermore, it calls for the development of electric power and charging points. Another string to its bow, the association forges links with French and foreign stakeholders to promote electric mobility.

As an electric retrofit pioneer born on a houseboat, CARWATT is especially thrilled to join the AFBE, whose approach falls in line with our commitment and missions. Indeed, CARWATT has already converted several boats to electric, starting with Florian Cousin’s C19th houseboat in the Paris region, now been navigating on electric for over 12 months.

Extending the service life of vessels, reducing GHG emissions and maintenance costs, boosting cruising comfort… the benefits are multifold.

Today CARWATT is actively developing partnerships to retrofit recreational craft and harbour shuttles.


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