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CARWATT specialises in engine conversion from combustion to electric.

We supply new or reconditioned Li-ion batteries from cars for on-board (vehicle electrification) or static (storing electricity from renewable sources) purposes.

We ensure the design of powertrains and battery packs and their integration into vehicles or on-board equipment, thus converting combustion engines (diesel or petrol) into electric motors.

To do this, our expertise is based on:

  • Software and hardware electrical/electronic architecture of embedded systems.
  • Mechanical, electrical, and electronic integration.


CARWATT converts industrial and special combustion engine vehicles into electric vehicles. We work exclusively in the B2B (business-to-business) market.

We convert fleets of vehicles or special vehicles, with a high added value and often a long service life, in urban areas or on dedicated sites (airports, factories, ports) for companies or local authorities.

We specialise in custom designing powertrains and Li-ion battery packs. In particular, we offer a programme for reusing 2nd life Li-ion batteries coming from the automotive industry.

Environmental challenges

“Electric retrofitting should be developed. The energy transition will be too slow if we have to wait for new vehicles to appear everywhere. Converting an old vehicle or piece of equipment by replacing its combustion engine with an electric motor represents a circular economy approach, as well as a virtuous action for the planet” – Jean-Michel Geffriaud, Vice-President, CARWATT

By converting combustion vehicles to electric, we are contributing to protecting the environment in several ways.

  • We are actively involved in efforts to protect public health – by contributing to improving air quality and reducing the noise levels of industrial and transport vehicles in city centres.
  • We are participating in the energy transition – by speeding up the deployment of zero emission vehicles at economically acceptable cost.
  • Furthermore, we are contributing to the development of a future industrial sector – that of the decarbonised vehicle. This activity will mainly generate employment within local SMEs.

Circular economy

By recycling and re-using 2nd life batteries, CARWATT has adopted a circular economy approach to decarbonised mobility.

We are supporting the emergence of an industrial sector based on the circular economy by:

  • Extending a competitive offer compared to imported products.
  • Enhancing expertise for export.
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